Completed and Available Projects

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  • DodGE: Dos Game Emulator. Used to play all of those old Text/CGA/VGA games at proper speeds under Windows!
  • MIDI Display: Quick display of MIDI input on a staff to help play-by-ear musicians gain comfort with writen music, starting from their alreay developed playing ability.
  • StarQuake Fix: Not much of a "project", but here (was) a PC version of StarQuake fixed for VGA and Windows hardware. (Removed for space reasons)(To read reviews about StarQuake and to get the fixed version look here. To see current StarQuake remakes look here)
  • Darklands .pic Format: I was a big fan of the great old DOS RPG Darklands. To contribute to the fan work out there, I figured out the image (.pic) file format, documented it, provide C++ source for reading the files, and provided a Windows Pic Viewer, all right here. If you just want to view the documentation, it is here, but you will need the C++ source for the final data decompression algorithm. (To read about Darklands look here and look here to buy and look here for a forum)
  • Generic .Map Viewer (for Darklands): This is views a generic .map file format (details in zip file.) It is written as an attempt to explore and discover if the Darklands Map and the MapPic.Pic file were the same thing. (The converted MapPic.Pic -> .map file is included in the zip file.)
  • Projects in Development

    • Dark Tower: Windows emulation of the 1980 Milton Bradley Dark Tower electronic board game! It is in process, and is mostly playable though not yet ready even for beta. I placed some sample "rough" titlescreen and gameplay screenshots below. This is a collaboration project with Douglas Abbink (whose works can be found at

    • MemOverlay: Binary File interpreter NextGen HexEditor tool used to investigate, interpret, and generate code dealing with any binary format.
    • QuickGame: 3D simple space shooter game a laasteroids and followers
    • WorldGame: 3D open ended RPG game with random 3D worlds, dungeons, quests, and people. (Rogue/Nethack/Diablo crossed with Quake/ UT/ Everquest; "Super-Daggerfall") (Note: I have high hopes for Morrowind, we shall see if they keep it open-ended enough for me to not care about writing my own! -jm)
    • QuestEngine: Source code for reasonably decent random-quest generator, tracker, and fulfillment. My goal is to have an ever-improving engine both for my own RPG projects and possibly for adding quests to fan-modifyable games. (DungeonSiege, Morrowind, NeverwinterNights, etc.)


    USB generic interface board
    I am working on wrapping a Cypress EZ-USB controller chip into a prototyping and test board. This board can be used to develop small hardware projects for the PC, including but not limited to custom keyboards, joysticks, lights, and even little robots.

    Pictures and details can be found on my usb page.

    Homemade Arcade Joystick
    I had fun building an Arcade Joystick for playing PC games and MAME emulated games. That project has it's own joystick page.

    The Drawing Board

    • Print to File: outputs jpg, bmp, tiff, etc files from any program's printer command. Also do text files? Emulates a printer and saves the data in an image format. Web, document storage, other applications?
    • Variety of small and fun 3D games
    • Visual Linker for COFF object files built with any standard language
    • Project Source Scheduler (Source Control/VSS/CVS) enabled for internet access/servers with both tight (ie vss) and loose (ie cvs) source security, full project branching and versioning, and overall focus on ease of developer use.
    • Virtual Asm Language (vm driven, portable, fast!)
    • WebRunner: Take web browsers to the next level, web application runners! Stop with the halfway attempts of Forms, Java and VB Scripts, ASP and PHP, and even Flash to push step-by-step slideshows and presentations as applications. Instead use a real application runner with all of the abilities of event-driven gui applications. Eat your heart out, Java!
    • Darklands Remake


    Last Updated Mar-20-2002